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XL unveils longer blade runner

Posted: May 16, 2018

XL Specialized Trailers’ new BladeMate Flip Extension adds 27 feet to the rear of trailers designed to haul wind turbine blades.

When a trailer is empty, drivers can flip up the extension, retract the trailer, and be left with a 53-foot trailer with reduced permit costs. The action is controlled by a lever at the front of the trailer, along with six-inch hydraulic cylinders. And the cylinder linkage can be unpinned and lowered flat to allow for more loading space on top of the trailer.

The rear bolster at the end of the Flip Extension has a 20,000-pound capacity, so it’s suitable as a rear-loading platform for the common two-point load setup. Secured with a lug and pin system, the tail can also be removed when not needed.


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