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Posted: August 1, 2014

XRS Corporation (formerly XATA) has announced its new integration with TMWSuite from TMW Systems. It gives drivers and fleet managers new tools for order planning and managing order status from a single, combined fleet-management platform. XRS has a longstanding relationship with TMW.

The integration with TMWSuite offers additional convenience and efficiency to planners and dispatchers by displaying critical information provided by XRS systems, such as vehicle locations and remaining on-duty service hours, for monitoring dispatch activities in a single application screen.

XRS runs on certified smartphones, tablets, and rugged handhelds that transmit vehicle and operator data through the cloud to a fleet-management dashboard, allowing companies to comply with the pending MAP-21 mandate for electronic recording of a driver’s hours of service. Nearly 90% of drivers already use mobile devices, says XRS, meaning that there are no additional hardware costs associated with implementing its platform. XRS also has partnership agreements with the leading brands in mobile communications.


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